Our Methodology

“The only truly dependable production technologies are those that are sustainable over the long term. By that very definition, they must avoid erosion, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource waste. Any rational food-production system will emphasize the well-being of the soil-air-water biosphere, the creatures which inhabit it, and the human beings who depend upon it.” Eliot Coleman, The New Organic Grower.

Towards Healthy Soil

At Serenity Farm, we strive to farm in imitation of nature. Our ground was farmed conventionally for decades before us, causing great harm. We are working diligently to heal the soil, following cues from nature such as keeping the ground covered at all times with mulches or cover crops. To us, it is not enough to merely avoid pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals. We seek to farm in such a way as to increase the fertility of the soil, improve the health of the plants we grow and animals we steward, and in turn improve the health of those who eat our food.

Minimal Tillage

In recent years, no-till farming has become common in the large agricultural production of grain crops. However, such farming has also massively increased the use of genetically-modified crops, pesticides, and herbicides. The health effects of such usage are beginning to manifest themselves in the epidemic increase in diseases many are experiencing. We are seeking to work towards a minimal tillage system of gardening and farming that not only preserves the natural structure of the soil and increases biological soil life, but also uses no harmful chemicals. We use minimal tillage on garden beds to preserve and increase topsoil, as well as preserve water in the soil. We only till what needs to be tilled. We also reduce top soil erosion by using various forms of mulch.

Cover Crops

In our produce beds, we use several different cover crops to preserve and increase fertility. A cover crop is a crop that is planted, not for harvesting, but for its ability to produce both biomass and other nutrients in the beds. Certain crops, such as buckwheat, provide a heavy cover through which one can plant one’s vegetable seeds or seedlings; buckwheat also provides soluble phosphorus for future plantings. Legumes and clovers fix nitrogen into the soil for future crops to utilize. These cover crops are often planted in beds set aside in a crop rotation, or they are planted following the harvest of a vegetable crop. These cover crops are essential in our efforts to increase soil fertility in our soils and in holding the topsoil in place.

Crop Rotation

A pivotal aspect of disease prevention in organic farming is the utilization of a crop rotation. This rotation can be as short as four years or as long as ten years. This rotation assures that no single crop will be planted in the same location in consecutive years. The longer the rotation, the longer the time between like-plantings in an individual bed. We utilize several rotations on our farm, and we also utilize beds that are devoted entirely to growing cover crops.

Compost, Manure & Animals

We utilize compost, manure, and animals to increase fertility on our land. Compost is made using garden scraps, leaves, and grass clippings from our own land. Manure from rabbits is used directly on the beds, and manure from other animal sources is composted and added to the beds as well. Worm castings are used liberally to improve the vitality of seedlings and reduce transplant shock. We also use chickens and rabbits directly on our garden beds between crops to increase fertility, decrease bugs, eat weed seeds, and to shallowly mix mulch.

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18,000 onions planted today, mostly done by the kids. Annabeth wanted to be held by mama all day 🤪 The smoke made it pretty miserable outside today, but they got over half the onions planted that we ordered. Now let's just hope they don't all blow away tomorrow!  Sam is putting up a snow fence to be a windbreak in hopes to slow the wind down.
The weather was in our favor this morning, and we got our seedling greenhouse covered with plastic! With the help of all of our kiddos, FIL, and our friends Josh and Cindy a huge task was accomplished in just a couple hours! Now we just have to finish the inside!
Another beautiful arrow added to our quiver! We are overjoyed to introduce you to Annabeth Hope! She was born last Friday in the early morning hours. Mom and dad worked as a team to bring her into this world. Daddy got to deliver his baby girl since our midwife didn't make it on time. Sorry @heidi_midwifemom It was our most peaceful birth ever! Now we get to ride the waves of newborn life. Our children are just smitten with her and doing a great job of taking care of us both!
The sun is shining ☀️☀️☀️, it's 60+ degrees, my kids are playing outside, and the spring transplants are looking good. In just a couple more weeks, those plant babies will be in the ground. Things have been growing really slow around here. With no sunshine for days, cold temperatures, and short growing days, we have been pretty low on produce. This time of year, CSA sign ups are vital for keeping us going. If you've been thinking about joining, we would love to have you! Check out our bio for the sign up link and all our CSA info!
Doing our best to keep the plant babies warm! We ran out of room in the heated germination building and wanted to get the trays moved before the artic blast. We closed up a smaller space in our lean to greenhouse and are running two propane tanks to keep it from dropping below freezing. Hopefully, most of these plants will be in one of our high tunnels in a couple weeks!
A frosty, foggy morning on the farm. Little Templeton is almost 2 months old and is eating hay and greens with his mama. Chickens snagged a leaf or two as well!
2024 CSA enrollment is OPEN!!! We're sure you've noticed a dramatic rise in food prices at the store over the past couple years. Our CSA is a great way to lock in food prices and stabilize your food budget. Plus, you get a good supply of healthy, in season produce for you and your family. Use the code SMALLBIZSAT through December 2nd and save 5% on anything in the store, including our CSA shares.Link in our bio
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Serenity Farm! We ate so good today! A lot of our Thanksgiving meal came from the farm or from farmers we know. Pasture raised turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and the flour we milled for our dinner rolls and pie. We are so thankful for our family, friends, and customers. Enjoy your time with loved ones!
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