Welcome to Serenity Farm!

Serenity Farm is run by Brad and Tiffany Dilts and our eight children.

Our 40 acre farm is located 3 miles west of I-135 between Newton and Wichita, near the town of Sedgwick, Kansas.

Until about 20 years ago, it was farmed conventionally, though it has never had GMOs on it. Since then, we have been working on healing and regenerating the soil through use of cover crops and crop rotations.

We were certified organic for commodity crops but dropped the certification due to cost and complexity. We do still use organic (and beyond) methods. We now grow chemical free fruits and vegetables, started from non-GMO seeds and grown using regenerative methods without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides.

We believe in growing high quality, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables not only for our family, but for yours as well. All of our livestock is raised on pasture with minimal grain (never GMO) and organic when possible. They are free to roam, root, and graze as God intended them. We look forward to meeting our members and feel blessed to have you join us!

Our Produce

We grow only the finest of fruits and vegetables that are started from organic, non-gmo, and mostly heirloom seeds. We start our seedling in high quality growing medium (Happy Frog) to get them off to a healthy start. We grow over forty different vegetables and have a small fruit orchard with peaches and pears.

During the spring season we offer several lettuce varieties, spinach, peas, kale, swiss chard, broccoli, cabbage, and more. In the summer, the wonderful bounty of summer squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and more will satisfy your desire for summer to go on forever! In the fall, root vegetables and winter squashes will fill your belly when made into delicious soups and stews to keep you warm on the cool fall evenings. Through the winter we provide delicious, fresh greens all season in our high tunnels. There may be snow on the ground, but we have plenty of greens to keep you eating healthy all season long!

    The chicken or the egg?

    Nothing beats the beautiful, dark orange colored eggs of chickens foraging out on pasture. The eggs of pastured chickens are amazing in their nutrient density and flavor, taking on the subtle hues of the season as the insects, grains, and grass vary.

    Periodically, we raise Freedom Ranger Chickens for butchering. Freedom Ranger chickens are a slow-growing broiler that has a rich flavor and pleasing texture you just can’t find in the grocery store. Our chickens are fed organic, non-GMO grains and are moved to new pasture daily so they can eat fresh greens and nutritious insects, all the while helping to improve the fertility of the pasture and gardens as they go.

    The typical chicken you find in a grocery store is a Cornish cross breed, which grows at exceptionally rapid rates and are slaughtered at 6-8 weeks. This allows producers to raise more birds throughout the year, but it results in birds with leg defects, poor genetics, and bland flavor. Our slow-growing birds are slaughtered at 12-14 weeks. A slower growth rate means Freedom Ranger birds are healthier and stronger. Being raised outdoors on pasture means they’re getting plenty of sun, exercise, and environmental nutrients, thus building flavor and texture into their muscles and giving them the succulent yellow fat of a grassfed animal. We have raised this breed of chicken for many years for our own family and have been very pleased with the results. The flavor of a pasture-raised, free-range chicken is undeniably the best.

      Coming Soon – Grass fed & Finished Beef!

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      Another beautiful arrow added to our quiver! We are overjoyed to introduce you to Annabeth Hope! She was born last Friday in the early morning hours. Mom and dad worked as a team to bring her into this world. Daddy got to deliver his baby girl since our midwife didn't make it on time. Sorry @heidi_midwifemom It was our most peaceful birth ever! Now we get to ride the waves of newborn life. Our children are just smitten with her and doing a great job of taking care of us both!
      The sun is shining ☀️☀️☀️, it's 60+ degrees, my kids are playing outside, and the spring transplants are looking good. In just a couple more weeks, those plant babies will be in the ground. Things have been growing really slow around here. With no sunshine for days, cold temperatures, and short growing days, we have been pretty low on produce. This time of year, CSA sign ups are vital for keeping us going. If you've been thinking about joining, we would love to have you! Check out our bio for the sign up link and all our CSA info!
      Doing our best to keep the plant babies warm! We ran out of room in the heated germination building and wanted to get the trays moved before the artic blast. We closed up a smaller space in our lean to greenhouse and are running two propane tanks to keep it from dropping below freezing. Hopefully, most of these plants will be in one of our high tunnels in a couple weeks!
      A frosty, foggy morning on the farm. Little Templeton is almost 2 months old and is eating hay and greens with his mama. Chickens snagged a leaf or two as well!
      2024 CSA enrollment is OPEN!!! We're sure you've noticed a dramatic rise in food prices at the store over the past couple years. Our CSA is a great way to lock in food prices and stabilize your food budget. Plus, you get a good supply of healthy, in season produce for you and your family. Use the code SMALLBIZSAT through December 2nd and save 5% on anything in the store, including our CSA shares.Link in our bio
      Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Serenity Farm! We ate so good today! A lot of our Thanksgiving meal came from the farm or from farmers we know. Pasture raised turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and the flour we milled for our dinner rolls and pie. We are so thankful for our family, friends, and customers. Enjoy your time with loved ones!
      23 pies prepared in 6 hours! Our customers are gonna be eating good on Thursday! Two more to make tomorrow, but we ran out of pie crust. Huge shout out to my oldest two daughters and my mom for helping me get this done! Now, it's time to sleep 😴 💤 😴
      Time is running out to order your Thanksgiving pies! Order by midnight Monday and have them delivered or available for pick up late Wednesday. Then, all you have to do is find enough restraint to not have a slice before Thanksgiving! 🥧🥧🥧
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